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How To Install

How to install Mac OS X on your PC: Here's a video tutorial on how to install Leopard.

Common Errors

SAM Multimedia Error

Issue: The pre-installation hangs on a SAM Multimedia Read Error and you get a message like this one:

SAM Multimedia: read or write failed, SENSE_KEY = 0x04, ASC =0x08, ASCQ=0x03

Solution: This is caused by a bad dvd or the way it has been burned. Try to reburn the image with a different program (WinIso) and at a lower speed (try using 2x or 4x ).

EBIOS Read Error

In any case before to try the solutions provided here make sure to verify your DVD after a burn (every software should have this function), if it fails then it's possible that the ISO you want to burn is defective.

This error occurs for these following reasons:

1 - The media on which you burn the ISO is defective.

Solution: Try with a different type of media (DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD+RW, DVD-RW …).
Try to burn at a slower speed.(1x 2x 4x)
If it's a DVD+/-RW, try to format it completely.

2 - The dvd drive on which you burn the ISO is defective or dirty.

Solutions: Change your dvd drive …
Try to clean the lense.
If your dvd drive is hot, shutdown your computer for a while and try again.

3 - The configuration of your hardware must be tweaked.

Solutions: Make sure to connect your IDE drive with a 80-pins cable.
Try to change the IDE cable (even if it's already a 80-pins one)
Change the data transfert type (PIO, DMA, Enhanced DMA, Ultra DMA, max DMA … etc)
Place your dvd drive in the first position in the boot sequence.
Connect your dvd drive on the same IDE cable than your hard disk (Hard disk in Master and DVD drive in Slave)
Update your bios to the latest available.

4 - The software you used to burn is not adapted.

Solution: Try another software (Nero, DVD Decrypter, GnomeBaker, K3B, cdrecord in command line … etc)

How to determine what's wrong:

You burned your ISO and got that damned message.

1 - Try to burn with another software.
It doesn't work ? -> Try to burn on the same computer but with another OS.
It doesn't work ? -> Hardware issue or hardware configuration issue.

2 - Try to burn with another computer and boot on the machine that gives you this error.
It works ? -> Hardware configuration issue.
It doesnt work? -> Hardware issue or hardware configuration issue.

3 - Try all hardware solution provided here.
It works? -> I'm happy for you.
It doesnt work -> Your DVD drive is probably the culprit. But before to buy a new one. Try to replace the one you have by another and test again.

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